ART is about various artists' studios in different countries including Italy, United Kingdom, and France.


In Rome, I went to Paolo Buggiani’s studio, he is a street artist whose main medium is fire.  Paolo collaborated with different artists including Keith Haring in New York.


In Naples I met Lello Esposito, whose main subject is the character of Pulcinella from la Commedia dell'Arte.


I visited Sandro Chia who was born in Florence and was a key member of the Transavanguardia movement amongst Francesco Clemente and Mimmo Paladino.


In London I took pictures of various studios:  Emma Sargent, the late Mathew Carr and Norman Hyams.


In France I visited Sylvain Buffile and Francesca Chandon (my mother) who inspired me to start this subject.


Some artists accepted and were very open to my questions, some didn’t answer.

It is very difficult to penetrate an artist's studio as it is their most intimate place.

I do respect that but it is what I find most fascinating.


Pictures taken with a Panasonic Lumix.