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My photographs were taken during my travels from North to South, from Cusco to Ica.

These included the Andes, the desert, the ocean and the jungle.

Lake Titicaca,  the highest lake in the world and Puno situated at 3,900 Meters above sea level where I observed islands where fishermen lived.


I explored the magic and mysterious Nasca lines and the reserve of Vicunias in Arequipa's Pampa Gileras.


I was intrigued by Huacachina, a tiny oasis town in the middle of the hottest desert in Peru and Ica where the wealthy Peruvians used to come and bathe in the 1940s.


I couldn't help but notice the Peruvian women's hats.  The ladies are recognised by wearing different types of hats depending on the village they come from.


I also spent a lot of time in the market in Cusco, it has an unimaginable variety of fruit and vegetables.  In Peru, there are more than 4000 varieties of potatoes and an uncountable number of exotic fruits, tomatoes and strawberries.


Lastly, something I vividly remember is still the strong presence of the ancient civilisations : the Chimu 1300-1532 D.C, the Mochica 1-800 D.C. and the people from Nasca.

It’s as if their spirits were still around.

Peru late '70s-80s

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